Andrés Brück


As an artist trained at Enerc and in a residence at Instituto Torcuato DiTella – two of the most experimental institutions for artistic training in Argentina – Andrés Bruck has garnered the admiration and support of leading names in Argentinean contemporary art, such as his former professor Jorge Macchi. His works, which often feature bent lines, have been shown at a variety of venues ranging from the Babafestival of Rome to the ArteBA art fair of Buenos Aires. With three solo shows on his resume, one of them at the prestigious Alberto Sendrós gallery, Andrés continues to explore the more mundane and strange facets of a postmodern life, where Internet, a puerile view of sex and historical research come together in a bubble of idleness.

Exposições individuais
Umbanda Dada, galeria LOGO (Sao Paulo)
Avatares de la vida, Galeria Athenee (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Cuevana, galeria LLL (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
La marca de la gorra, galeria Alberto Sendros (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Ciertamente los he visitado y he visto lo que les hacen en Egipto, Galeria/Livraria Cobra (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Exposições coletivas
Pregunte-me-como, galeria LOGO (Sao Paulo)
Un humedal entre las piernas, galeria Alberto Sendros, ArteBA (Buinos Aires, Argentina)
ArteBA, stand de Alberto Sendros y de Cobra Libros (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Babafestival, galeria Antica (Roma, Italia)
Curriculum 0, galeria Ruth Benzacar (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Numero A, galeria Sapo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Mision: Sembrar el Caos, Nicanor Araoz, Andres Bruck, Martin Legon, Tomas Maglione, Galeria La Punta, San Miguel de Tucuman (Buenos Aires, Argentina)