Bruno 9li


(Fortaleza, 1980)
Lives and works em São Paulo
Bruno 9li’s paintings and videos expand a constellation of saturated and enigmatic images, in which otherworldly entities, northern figures, dynamic geometric forms, and an encrypted alphabet strangely align. His recent artistic production evokes infinite sensations within an universe of excess and frenzy. A founder of the Universidade Autoindicada por Entidades Livres (Self-Indicated by Free Entities University), created to articulate interdisciplinary artistic research, Novelli is also co-founder of Metagrafismo (Metagraphism), an experimental collective which explores the graphic potentialities associated to metalinguistics. The artist has a deep interest in Amazonian rituals, the practice of painting, and experimentations with animated gifs.
Novelli had his first solo show in 2006 at galeria Adesivo in Porto Alegre, where he grew up and begun his career. A series of international exhibitions followed, in countries as various as England, Denmark, Spain, Japan, and USA, including two solo shows in the seminal Californian gallery Anno Domini. In 2010, Novelli integrated the São Paulo edition of TRANSFER, in the Pavilion of Brazilian Culture at Ibirapuera Park. He is currently preparing his first solo show at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Colorado.