Fabio Zimbres


Fabio Zimbres is a legend in Brazilian alternative comics. His peculiar drawing and his independent publications (zines) have turned him into a frequent collaborator for innovative publishing houses in France, United States and Spain. It is also remarkable to see his efforts to perpetuate the “maudito” species – to which he belongs – through the section Maudito Fanzine, in Animal magazine (now defunct), as well as cocurating the exhibition TRANSFER, or even publishing the work of other artists through his own publishing house, Tonto. He has a particular relationship with the publishing world: paper pads, books, catalogues, chosen either because of their format, their theme or the paper in which they are printed become a medium to apply paint or to scribble on, then to scan and print, continuing this process in an unpredictable cycle. His artworks may seem like products, with packaging and user instructions, and his commercial projects can be as subjective as works of art. He has fun reutilizing, overlaying, completing and transforming his own production often creating modular logics that can take different shapes. Zimbres is a visual artist graduate in the Art Institute of UFRGS, in Porto Alegre, and has attended FAUUSP, in Sao Paulo. As a comic book artist he was published by Folha de Sao Paulo and Chiclete com Banana, among many other vehicles. Books carrying his creative works such as “Panamá o Las Aventuras de mis Siete Tios”, “Música para Antropomorfos” and “Vida Boa” are usually hard to track, as much as they are influential to other artists. He often showcases his works in alternative venues, contemporary art galleries and museums.