Flavio Samelo


Flavio Samelo’s outlook and art have helped to mold the more original side of Brazilian urban culture over the last 10 years. In fashion, he collaborated with seminal streetwear brands and boosted the field of sneaker collecting, signing a model for the biggest brand of shoes on the planet. In skateboarding, he has photographed for the main specialized magazines and is currently the photography editor for Vista Skateboard Art, and has moreover put together one of the most influential teams of street skateboarders in Brazil. As an artist, he was one of the reasons for the emergence of a parallel circuit of independent galleries in the early 2000s, holding the first exhibition, jointly with Alex Hornest, at the pioneering Most gallery, in São Paulo, as well as the first solo show at Adesivo gallery, in Porto Alegre. His works and installations are currently featured in contemporary art galleries, museums and events such as the Bienal VentoSul (Curitiba, 2009) and ROJO®NOVA (São Paulo, 2010). Samelo’s art is also on the cover of the book for the exhibition TRANSFER (Editora ZY, 2011), a publication about the generation of artists he belongs to.
Forma | Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Homegrown Gallery
Geométrica | São Paulo – Brasil
Galeria LOGO
Compo SSDDGET | São Paulo – Brasil
Galeria Emma Thomas
Galeria Vitrine | São Paulo – Brasil
SESC Santana
A Piece of Brazil | Los Angeles – USA
Brooklyn Projects Gallery
Veja Rua | São Paulo – SP
Galeria Choque Cultural
Skate Arte | São Paulo – SP
Most Urban Gallery
A Caixa | São Paulo – SP
Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz
Pas Cabess | Porto Alegre – RS
Galeria Adesivo
Desdobramentos Gráficos | Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Galeria Graphos SA
Lista | São Paulo – SP
Galeria LOGO
Próximo Olhar | São Paulo – SP
Cavalera Art Projects
Projeto Parede | São Paulo – SP
Agência Aktuel
1ª Bienal Internacional Graffiti Fine Art | São Paulo – SP
Museu da Imagem e do Som – MIS
ROJO®nova | São Paulo – SP
Museu da Imagem e do Som – MIS
Transfer | São Paulo – SP
Pavilion das Culturas Brasilieiros
Interlocuções do Imaginario | Porto Alegre – RS
5ª Bienal VentoSul | Curitiba – PR
Leilão da Bolsa de Arte | São Paulo – SP
Galeria Bergamin
V Project | São Paulo – SP
Coletiva Four of a Kind | São Paulo – SP
Galeria +SOMA
Arts Projects Gallery | Los Angeles – USA
Transfer | Porto Alegre – RS
Santander Cultural
Familia Baglione | Gôiania – GO
Galeria Potrich
Contro-O-Verso | São Paulo – SP
Galeria Bergamin
Galeria Carmichael | Los Angeles – USA
Galeria Choque Cultural | São Paulo – SP
Museu de Arte Brasileira – FAAP | São Paulo – SP
Plastik Gallery | São Paulo – SP
House of Palomino Gallery | São Paulo – SP
Galeria Daslu | São Paulo – SP
Galeria Carmichael | Los Angeles – USA