Tomas Spicolli


Born in Campana, Buenos Aires – Argentina, artist and musician Tomas Spicolli is a true entity of the underground culture in his country and in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo, where he also shows his artwork and plays intensively since the late 90`s. His expression runs in a graphically chaotic and sonically overwhelming flow, which can be seen through zines, records, shows, clothing, videos, urban interventions, exhibitions and artworks. Spicolli distorts different techniques of image reproduction, manipulating the imperfections of photocopy, stencil, screen printing and carbon copies to amplify his paintings, drawings and collages. His constancy and voracity creates a parallel universe in eternal explosion where everything vibrates and flies through the air, including airplanes and flying creatures. These air disasters spectacle or characters presentations, such as collectible cards that mark so many other works, sufficient by itself to grab the attention of the viewer. But his art also invites to unravel the roots of punk and skateboarding cultures, with echoes from Jim Phillips and Raymond Pettibon art, Zorlak and Blockhead brands, Thrasher and Cerdos y Peces magazines, bands like Crass and Agnostic Front, and many others. Cultures that, in Latin America, are marked Tomas Spicolli own work, like the album covers he did for the mythical Argentinean band Fun People, or the visual identity of his own musical projects, such as Delmar, 7MAGZ and Tilda Flipers. Since 1997 Spicolli shows his art work and plays regularly at cultural centers, art galleries and squatted houses.