Tomas Spicolli


(Campana, Buenos Aires, 1973_
Born in Campana, Buenos Aires, self-taught and nomadic artist and musician Tomas Spicolli is a true entity of the underground scene in his home country of Argentina and in Brazil, especially in São Paulo, where he has intensively exhibited and played since the late 1990’s. His creative expression runs in a graphically chaotic and sonically overwhelming flow, which can be seen through zines, records, shows, clothing, videos, urban interventions, exhibitions and artworks. Spicolli distorts different techniques of image reproduction, manipulating the imperfections of photocopy, stencil, screen printing and carbon copies to amplify his paintings, drawings and collages. Spicolli’s constancy and voracity create a parallel universe in eternal explosion where everything vibrates and flies through the air, including airplanes and flying creatures. The spectacle of such air disasters or characters’ presentations that mark so many works, are sufficient to grab the attention of the viewer.
Since 1997 Spicolli has regularly exhibited and played at cultural centers, art galleries, and squatted houses, having shown in various cities such as São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Boston e Peru. His main solo exhibitions include Fiebre del mensaje de texto, l.a.m.b, Curitiba, 2005; Acampando em su living, Galeria Polinésia, São Paulo, 2007; Instalacion mural, SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, 2008; Version Tiniebla, galeria / _, Buenos Aires, 2012, and Palmeras de humo, galeria LOGO, São Paulo, 2012. In 2011, Spicolli has published his first monograph, titled Bazofia, in addition to Un Paseo em la calle de los muertos (2010), and Bord Canibal (2013).