LOGO was born in 2011 from an alignment of three different points of view for the art world: Carmo Marchetti, graduated in History of Art from Università di Roma, with specializations from the Institute of Contemporary Art and Sotheby’s, in London. She was a curator for exhibitions like Contra o Verso (Bergamin Gallery, 2008) and for projects for institutions such as the Museum of Latin American Art, in California; Lucas Ribeiro, also known as “Pexão”, journalist and curator, is the founder of Adesivo gallery (2003 – 2008) and today owns Fita Tape gallery in Porto Alegre. He’s a partner in the creative studio NOZ.ART and is the curator of the traveling urban and contemporary art museum exhibition TRANSFER; Marcelo Secaf, a radiologist, is a contemporary art collector and consultant. He was a board member at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo for six years, four of which as president.
Located at Rua Artur de Azevedo, 401, LOGO occupies the space projected by architect Felippe Crescenti for one of the first contemporary art galleries in São Paulo, Subdistrito. And it was exactly through this gallery that Marcelo Secaf, one of LOGO’s partners, started collecting art in the 80’s. With the end of Subdistrito, Raquel Arnaud occupies the property in 1992 with her Gabinete de Arte, where she has made history, showcasing exhibitions for almost two decades until she moved to Rua Fidalga in 2011.
LOGO gallery occupies this historical address with a new proposal: to present and discuss art that emerges from parallel universes, from independent initiatives and from urban culture. It’s a vision that takes into consideration the artists’ production in its whole amplitude, beyond the circuit of galleries and museums, evidencing the relevance of their works to society. As for the name LOGO, it symbolizes the consciousness that the world today is moved by visual communication. It’s an analogy for the artistic production that, like a good logo, attracts the eyes and communicates without words in order to stimulate the interpretation of different layers of meanings.



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sp / brasil cep 05404-010

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