LOGO was founded in 2011 by two of its current partners, Carmo Marchetti and Marcelo Secaf, in addition to Lucas Ribeiro, journalist and independent curator, who was part of the director board until May 2014. Marchetti holds a B.A. in Art History from Rome University (Università di Roma), having also studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Sotheby’s, both in London, UK; while Secaf is a collector, contemporary art consultant, and former president and board member of Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo.
Designed by the renowned Brazilian architect Felippe Crescenti, LOGO is located at the building which was formerly occupied by Subdistrito, one of the first contemporary galleries in the 1980s, now part of the history of São Paulo’s art scene. Even though the address is well known, LOGO’s proposal is new: to present and discuss art that emerges from counter-cultural movements in relation to contemporary art, also embracing initiatives from the underground music scene, graphics, urban and new media cultures. It is a vision that takes into consideration the artist’s production in full, promoting it beyond the circuit of galleries and museums, emphasizing the relevance of the works within society.
Since its opening, LOGO has showed extensive solo exhibitions, such as Obra by Fabio Zimbres and Reprovado by Sesper; ambitious international projects, such as the group show Preguntame Como!; retrospectives, like S.I.G.L.A by Patricia Furlong, and dialogues with iconic Brazilian artists, such as the show Solitário inconformado by Leonilson. Its artists have quickly entered important private and institutional art collections, namely Itaú Cultural (Sesper), Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz (Lin Yi Hsuan and Fabiano Rodrigues), Banco Espírito Santo and Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (Fabiano Rodrigues).




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