sep 24 2011 - oct 29 2011

Flavio Samelo usually expands his photography through painting, but in Geométrica [Geometric], his first exhibition at LOGO, most of the works were resolved with only the camera. “For the first time with analog photography, on film, I arrived at an abstraction that I previously only achieved through painting,” Flavio explains. Using a plastic Holga camera, the artist deconstructed buildings in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, New York, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles in calculated multiple exposures, creating new forms of concrete and glass. The result is 12 laminated photographic prints glued to an aluminum structure, measuring 1 m x 1 m in a limited edition of one. This individual work furthermore includes a composition of Polaroid snapshots, also exploring architectural multiple exposures, as well as an installation that interlinks the photography, painting and wall painting made onsite, proposing an immersion in the artist’s particular geometry.