nov 05 2011 - dec 03 2011

PREGUNTAME COMO! [Ask Me How!, in spanish], is a statement that you have probably seen printed on stickers and buttons, accompanied by the dubious promises of “lose weight now” and “stop smoking.” It is the most visible face of the pyramid marketing strategies used by companies which, despite being gigantic enterprises, take advantage of the human factor as a means of creating microsystems and generating macrobusinesses. Fragmented and re-contextualized, the slogan ASK ME HOW opens a space for different interpretations, while making an appeal for direct communication, at the personal level.

“There is a need for human connections behind the scenes in the art world, present among artists who seek to meet other artists, among the gallerists who represent them, or among the collectors who purchase their works. This is a fundamental relation for considering artistic productions which may appear disconnected visually, and yet emerge from the same human axis,” explains curator Tristan Rault.

PREGUNTAME COMO! featured more than 160 artworks in different techniques, sizes and supports, including installations. From small and obscure oil paintings, to drawings in graphite on paper nearly 3 meters high, and also a monumental composition of 54 paintings made on silkscreen prints. The list of participating artists included internationally recognized names like América Sanchez, whose works figure in the collection of MoMA in New York. But there were also artists still outside the radar of the art world, like Taiwanese painter Lin Yi-Hsuan, whose work can be seen on the cover of the new CD by the independent folktronic band Los Hnos Turdera, if you can manage to get hold of one.

The exhibition formed a circle where each artist knows at least one of the others personally. They are visual creators who converged on Buenos Aires or spread into the world from there, all of them with different origins, ages and productions. Even though they are presenting independent projects, the simple fact that there are links between the participants of this group show poses questions concerning personal relations in the art world, along with the aesthetic affinities among them.

Artists: Nicolás Sobrero, Martín Legón, Gustavo Eandi, Andrés Bruck, Paul Loubet, América Sanchez e Lin Yi-Hsuan

Tristan Rault